Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

About us


ESELx - Lisbon School of Education was founded in 1979 and, upon nomination by the induction committee, was incorporated into IPL- Politécnico de Lisboa in 1985. Despite its young age, its origins reveal a proud history and a pedagogical tradition inherited from two training institutes for teachers and educators: Lisbon School of Primary Teacher Education (Escola do Magistério Primário de Lisboa) and the António Aurélio da Costa Ferreira Institute.

ESELx is dedicated to teaching, research and community service in the areas of education and social and cultural involvement. It works in collaboration with national and foreign entities that have similar educational projects. Furthermore, with regard to community interaction, a significant number of training initiatives for teachers and educators are in progress to follow up on requests made by various institutions. Its pedagogical culture is guided by the dictates of participation, critical reflection, lifelong training and teamwork.

ESELx promotes the creation and consolidation of ties among education, community and human development.

Lisbon School of Education has fostered a flexible, evolving educational approach, with a diversity of learning options as one of its core features. Although its original and fundamental mission is teacher training, it has come to offer other kinds of instruction designed for different segments of the labor market that have different output profiles. These include instruction in sociocultural animation, visual arts and technology, artistic and cultural mediation and community music.

ESELx possesses a highly qualified teaching staff composed of PhD professors and specialists who are recognized in the academic and professional fields.



IPL- Politécnico de Lisboa is a public institution with a long history in the field of higher education, is composed of the following schools:
- School of Communication and Media Studies
- School of Dance
- Lisbon School of Education
- Lisbon School of Music
- Lisbon Theatre and Film School
- Lisbon School of Health Technology
- Lisbon Accounting and Business School
- Lisbon Engineering School

IPL provides Undergraduate, Masters, Postgraduate and Doctoral programs (in partnership with universities); it offers a diversified range of courses in Arts, Business Sciences, Health Sciences, Communication, Education and Engineering. IPL’s primary objective has always been to provide academic instruction for employability and for continued professional development, founded on a secure knowledge of science, arts and culture.

Our Institution contributes to national development by educating professionals whose abilities and value as employees have been nationally and internationally recognized.

IPL provides education that develops the whole person by promoting citizenship and encouraging the active participation of our students in their institution and in their community. We are committed to strengthening international relationships, especially with our partners in the European Union and in Portuguese - speaking countries.

IPL- Politécnico de Lisboa promotes the following institutional values:
1. academic excellence;
2. excellence in research and development;
3. openness and engagement with society ;
4. social commitment;
5. a merit-based culture;
6. strengthening international ties through cooperation and scientific exchange with European and Portuguese-speaking countries.