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Spending a semester or a year abroad is an academic adventure that will enrich you at different levels. ESELx has bilateral agreements with different institutions around the world.

5 steps for students wishing to study at ESELx

Step 1 | Application for mobility at your home institution

Make sure there is a Bilateral Agreement between your home institution and ESELx-IPL in your field of studies. Then, you should contact your International Relations or Erasmus Office for information on how to apply.

Step 2 | Nomination & registration

If you are selected by your home institution, then we expect them to send us your nomination by email.

After the nomination period is officially over, we will send you a link to access our Mobility Platform ( and an e-mail from to activate your account. After activate your account we suggest to change the original password for a new one more easy that you won’t forget.

All application forms MUST be submitted online through the Mobility Platform. The deadlines are always published online.

Step 3 | Course Selection

In order to facilitate the selection of the courses you will be attending during your exchange we kindly ask you to see the COURSE CATALOGUE. Please check the information about semesters, ECTS, syllabus, language requirements and other pre-requirements. Be aware that some courses may overlap – pay attention to the observation column.

If you need more information, you can directly contact the Mobility Coordinator of the bachelor’s degree you want to attend.

As an ESELx exchange student, you can also attend a Portuguese language course. If you are interested, you must mention it on the application form. More detailed information about the Portuguese Language Courses offered at ESELx-IPL is available here.

Step 4 | Before Leaving Home

As you should know communication is really important so pay attention to your email box to keep updated with new information and to be always in touch with us.

Be sure that your access to the Mobility Platform is working well. It will be mandatory to work on it along your period of studies here.

Your Learning Agreement (Before the Mobility) must be done according to your Coordinator and the hard copy has to be signed (digitally preferably) by the three involved parties (the student and the Sending and Receiving Institutions). Is mandatory to create also your online Learning Agreement. Only this way you’ll be correctly registered and at the end of the mobility your grades will be exported from the system.

Step 5 | Arrival at ESELx

We strongly advise students to attend the welcome reception for Mobility students. During this reception you will:

  • contact the Mobility Coordinator;
  • get your schedule for the semester. Be aware that some courses may overlap, and, due to that, changes in your previous study plan may be needed;
  • receive your student’s number, which will grant you access to wifi, e-mail, to the canteen, and library;
  • sign and stamp some documents you may need like the Certificate of Attendance.

In case you cannot attend the welcome reception, you must present yourself at the International Office (GRIMA), after your arrival.