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The Master in Play, Education, Toys and Languages (PETaL) is a two year master programme of 120 ECTS, jointly developed by the University of Cordoba (UCO), (Cordoba, Spain), the Higher School of Education of Lisbon (ESELx),(Lisbon, Portugal), and the University of Marmara (UCO), (Istanbul, Turkey). The Master programme presents a unique study plan in the European Higher Education Area. The syllabus has a structure that integrates, in an articulated manner, several areas of childhood education, namely: play and toys, intercultural education and the teaching of a second language. Each semester offers a set of curricular units that integrate educational, intercultural and social aspects of childhood education, and promotes the opportunity to know different contexts, to interact and collaborate with people from different cultures, nationalities, languages and traditions which allows the development of intercultural and multilingual awareness and competence. The Master promotes interaction between higher education institutions and other cultural and educational institutions such as the International Toy and Play Museums, Research Centers (such as CINDE in Colombia and AIJU in Spain) and NGOs that participate in the programme.
This two year master programme of 120 ECTS is divided into four semesters. Each cohort will spend the first semester at the University of Cordoba, the second semester at Higher School of Education of Lisbon and the third semester at University of Marmara. The fourth semester is the responsibility of the 3 institutions.
The language of instruction for the programme is English.

Objective and Learning outcomes 

To enhance knowledge in various expertize areas of early childhood education and apply innovative ideas, develop and execute original scientific or teaching research on play, toys, early childhood education, intercultural studies, and early second language acquisition.

  • To know and to understand the foundations of teaching and professional ethics, and good practice in the field of early childhood education.
  • To develop new methodologies, approaches, concepts and tools for early childhood education.
  • To take an active and independent role in early childhood education, higher education, research, administration, and museums as well as to use the most recent information in their own countries and/or in international teams

Consortium Coordinators

Elena Gómez Parra (UCO)
Dalila Lino (ESELx)
F. Esra Molu (UM)

More information and applications at