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11th Conference of the International Socio-cultural Community Development Network | 2024

The International Socio-cultural Community Development Network (RIA) brings together experts from around twenty countries in America, Europe, and Africa, including researchers, training professionals, and professional actors engaged in the field of socio-cultural and/or social intervention.

After Bordeaux (France-2003), São Paulo (Brazil-2005), Lucerne (Switzerland-2007), Montreal (Canada-2009), Zaragoza (Spain-2011), Paris (France-2013), Bogotá (Colombia-2015), Algiers (Algeria-2017), Lausanne (Switzerland-2019), and Cayenne (French Guiana-2022), the 11th Colloquium of the Network will be held in Lisbon (Portugal) on July 10, 11, and 12, 2024.

At each of these international meetings, the aim is to share practices and knowledge, methodologies and research results, actions and experiences, around vibrant and crucial issues that permeate the field of social and socio-cultural intervention in a world confronted with constant changes.





Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa
Campus de Benfica do IPL                                                                
1549-003 Lisboa
(+351) 217115500





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