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Access Conditions

Holders of a bachelor's degree or legal equivalent, with relevant training or professional activity concerning the course's objectives, may also be considered candidates. Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum vitae recognized as attesting to their ability to carry out this cycle of studies may also be admitted under the criteria defined by the Scientific-Technical Council of the Lisbon School of Education.  


Application Process

a) Consult ESELx online page 
b) The documentation to be submitted must include:

  • diplomas proving the academic and professional qualifications or respective certified copies indicating the grades obtained;
  • Motivation Letter;
  • Curriculum Vitae, drawn up following the selection criteria defined in the following point.


Seriation Criteria

The seriation of candidates based on the analysis of their curricula will follow the following criteria:

a) classification in the undergraduate degree or equivalent;
b) training in any area, provided that it proves professional or academic interest in the postgraduate subject area
c) relevant professional experience in the addressed areas;
d) motivation letter attached to the application file.

The curriculum preparation must consider the criteria mentioned above and be presented in accordance with the sequence of the seriation criteria, without prejudice to the inclusion of other relevant elements.


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